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100% discretion: We treat all inquiries and mandates with confidence and with the utmost discretion. However, it applies here as well as in court: in order to be able to win a fight, one must know and employ all means and ways to succeed. Reporting can hardly be avoided, especially in cases of high public interest. In this case, we know how to use our media presence and extensive experience in public processes in a targeted manner to the benefit of the client.
Inquiries for friends and family: It goes without saying that people close to you want the best for the person affected, who often does not see himself as able to take care of the best possible defense. This applies in particular to pre-trial detention, one's own children, and innocent people in distress who have often relied on a good outcome for too long. Therefore, friends, partners, or family can also consult a lawyer for the person concerned at any time or, if necessary, just get a second opinion.