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How long has Strafverteidiger24 been around?
The law firm was founded in 2014; Before that, I worked for several years in the field of white-collar crime in well-known international law firms.

What does criminal defense mean to you?
Over 80% of all accused criminal proceedings result in a conviction. It is often overlooked that in criminal law the person concerned is faced with an overwhelming power of procedural opponents - from the public prosecutor, co-plaintiff, experts to the media and unfortunately also the judges. As an experienced defense lawyer, I create a balanced criminal procedure to achieve the best possible result.

What are the typical cases for the firm?
The law firm is active in all areas of criminal law; So from drug offenses to sexual criminal law to murder. A wide field of activity is also commercial and tax criminal law. It is both individuals from different social backgrounds who need the support of our law firm. Companies of all sizes are also among the clients.

In recent years, however, the representation in public interest proceedings has emerged as a particular specialization of the law firm. There is special experience in dealing with the media.

You do without the representative offices held by many law firms. Why?
It is a conscious choice. My cases require a lot of flexibility and speed. Since I am active throughout Austria, it is not unusual for me to have a main hearing in Salzburg in the morning and a main hearing in Vienna in the afternoon. As a criminal defense attorney, you gain experience in the courtroom (i.e. at the front) and not behind the representative desk.

However, I can flexibly fall back on a large number of meeting rooms available to me.

What remuneration models does the law firm use?
Above all, work is carried out efficiently and pragmatically. Neither the clients nor mine time is wasted. As a rule, billing is carried out transparently in accordance with the legal provisions of the Lawyers' Fees Act and the general fee criteria for lawyers.