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Quality has its price, that's the case in all areas of life and that also applies to the services of my law firm. As the saying goes: "What costs nothing is also worthless". When you consider that the outcome of criminal proceedings can have a significant impact on your life, "price dumping" is not a good idea.

I charge my individual services in accordance with the statutory provisions of the Lawyers' Fees Act. The lawyer's tariff specifies which costs for individual services are reasonable and therefore not overpriced. The first interview will be charged separately with a flat fee of EUR 550.00 (including 20% ​​VAT).

My motto is: As simple as possible!

I consider billing in accordance with the Lawyers' Fees Act to be the fairest and most cost-effective way of representing clients in criminal proceedings.

Advance payment required!

After reviewing your case, I will send you an advance payment invoice. The amount of the advance payment depends individually on the complexity of the criminal case in question. I can only act for you when the advance payment has been received on my account.

  • After reviewing your case, the costs will be estimated in accordance with the Lawyers' Fees Act;
  • You will receive an advance payment requirement in the form of an electronic (PayPal) invoice by email, which you will pay immediately via PayPal;
  • if you do not want to use PayPal, you will find the account number of the law firm's account for direct transfer on the electronic invoice;
  • the costs of the services of my law firm (according to the lawyer tariff law) are deducted monthly from the cost advance and offset against you transparently with the monthly invoice
  • If your advance payment has been used up, either a new advance payment will be required or the services will be billed monthly in arrears.

I will send you an electronic invoice via PayPal, which you can then pay via PayPal. You can use this free payment option instead of the classic transfer. Of course, you will also find my "normal" account number of the law firm's account on the invoice, which you can also use for direct transfer (i.e. without using PayPal).

All you need is a login for PayPal, which you can set up for the first time during your payment order.

  • What is PayPal? PayPal is a free means of payment that allows you to pay your bill easily. For payment, log in to PayPal and confirm the payment.
  • Does PayPal share bank or credit card details? Your bank details or credit card number are stored in your PayPal account, these data will not be transferred to us during payment.
  • How quickly can I pay with PayPal? The amount transferred by PayPal will be credited to my account within a very short time, sometimes within seconds. PayPal is a safe and convenient alternative to cash payments, especially when things have to be done quickly.