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Specialized in criminal law - AUSTRIA-WIDE

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Criminal law deals with all cases in which the police or the public prosecutor's office investigate.

What many do not know: In hardly any other area of ​​law can the course for the outcome be set so decisively! The consequences of criminal proceedings or even a conviction weigh in.

Difficult individual cases: There is a risk of long-term entries in the certificate of good conduct and official databases, loss of driving, commercial, gun ownership, and other reliability-related permits as well as problems with work and entry into other countries such as the USA.

We only have lawyers who specialize in criminal law. We
provide accused, defendant, and witness for every criminal concern
experienced specialists. Our focus is on legal representation
in preliminary proceedings and in court, as well as the very complex areas of legal remedies against pre-trial detention and criminal judgments that have already been issued (appeal /

The right lawyer in criminal law
Over 80% of all accused criminal proceedings end with a conviction! It is often overlooked that in criminal law the person concerned is faced with an overwhelming power of procedural opponents - from the public prosecutor, co-plaintiff, experts to the media, and unfortunately also the judges; Criminal proceedings are among these.

Circumstances hardly balanced.
Therefore it is inherently important to hire a specialized lawyer. Because the outcome of criminal proceedings is almost always open!

"Success in criminal law stands and falls with the choice of the right lawyer".

Even if the initial situation in criminal law sometimes seems simple, the legal evaluation of a situation does not necessarily have to be simple. Whoever fights can lose, whoever does not fight has already lost! If necessary, our attorneys seek constructive legal conflict and endure it.

Therefore they do not subordinate themselves to the will of the court but fight with all available means of criminal procedure - if necessary.
this is necessary. In doing so, our attorneys act with intellect, experience, and strategy at eye level with the court. Because this is exactly what characterizes a "good lawyer in criminal law" in our opinion.

Take criminal proceedings seriously!
Charges, police investigations, as well as criminal proceedings, have to be taken seriously because it stands because there is a lot at stake for the person concerned (keyword: certificate of good conduct, entry ban, etc.): Certificate of good conduct, entry ban in other countries, removal of the passport, prison, occupational bans, etc.).

The right strategy and tactics are decisive!
Every criminal case is based on a one-sided prognosis decision of the public prosecutor's office. Therefore, despite the indictment, everything is open! That is why our criminal defense lawyers always fight for the best result: Whether acquittal, Whether acquittal, discontinuation of proceedings, or an appropriate penalty taking into account all possible (procedural) disadvantages. The pressure on clients is enormous and every failure of the lawyer weighs much heavier!

Success in criminal law
The key to success in criminal law is the right strategy, based solely on the experience, expertise, and qualifications of the lawyer. Experience, expertise, and qualification of the lawyer. Because the best lawyer in criminal law is the one who achieves the best result for the client!